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Melissa Montrose Counseling
To hope is to heal

The stories each of us hold are unique and ever evolving. I believe the challenges that we face are opportunities for growth and gaining a better understanding of who we really are. I feel that one of the most important roles of therapy is to help you become aware of the stories you hold and how you can re-author those stories to heal.  


There is no better expert in your life than you. I hope that through deep empathy, compassion and understanding, I can help you re-discover the expert within as well as reflect on and develop new perspectives on the difficulties you may be experiencing. In order to do this it is important you feel heard, validated and empowered and able to share freely in a non judgmental environment.


I hope to support you in achieving the outcomes you desire through the therapeutic process.  

The more room you give yourself to express your true thoughts and feelings, the more room there is for your wisdom to emerge.

- Marianne Williamson

My approach

I utilize an eclectic approach in my work with clients. I operate from a strengths based framework with an emphasis on narrative and solution focused therapy.  At the core of these approaches is a belief that you are separate from the problem and the issues you are facing, with the focus being on your own your inherent abilities and strengths to overcome difficulties. Therapy will be a collaborative process and source of co-creation for new stories; messages; coping skills and strategies.


I have many years of experience working with children and families and I draw on my own life experiences, I am a cancer survivor and have lost a loved one through traumatic circumstances, Further, I relocated to America from Australia, so I have a breadth of understanding about social and cultural challenges that come with such changes. I certainly feel that my life experiences help me in navigating the therapeutic process with you. 

I have a particular interest in those who have been diagnosed with major health issues/illness such as cancer; depression; issues related to incarceration; grief and loss specifically through violence; migration and/or relocation challenges and women, particularly those who may be experiencing transition and/or issues with their identity and relationship difficulties. 


My services

I offer therapeutic counseling sessions, specializing in:





Grief and loss

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a serious illness or health conditions such as cancer


Individuals who have migrated or relocated

Incarceration or those who have a loved one incarcerated